Tired of all the paper work, need some help?

Goods and services can be a very complicated area of operation. There are many rules and regulations which can affect the way we do business. Of course there is the registration threshold of $75,000, and considerations regarding pricing around the registration process.

On top of this, then you are asked to pay PAYG Installments which is a system of paying next years tax in advance by installments (the former provisional tax system by default).

We all need help with this.

We can offer you assistance, whether you require advice, preparation of BAS statements, setting up and maintaining computerized records, electronic paper filing or training in any area. We are a one stop shop and can offer a package to suit your customized needs. By working together, we can all attain the work / life balance we all rightly deserve.

Contact our office and we arrange a suitable convenient time to discuss your options.